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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

So you probably already know that both Sam Blakemore Phillips and Nicolas Ridley will be featured as special guests at the 2019 short story course of Sofia Writing Challenge. And while we've already posted about Nicolas, we haven't done so about Sam. Well, the time has come!

About Sam Blakemore Phillips

Sam is a film student at Bath Spa University in the UK and has written/produced a number of short films. He’s also an avid gamer and is part of a community theater company in Bristol.

Sam’s going to join us to talk about his project – A Family Of Power. He started it 3 years ago as a plan for a screenplay and it has become the timeline for an alternative history and the basis for a fictional ‘world’. So he’ll be telling us about:

  • How he came up with the idea

  • How he set about planning it and building a ‘world’

  • And how he hopes to develop the project in the future

Sam’s descended from a family who were once pretty powerful themselves – albeit rather a long time ago! He’s a direct descendant of Thomas 'Customer' Smythe – who was Head of Customs & Excise for both Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I and who built Corsham Court, a country house which is now part of the university where Sam studies.

As well as his own projects, Sam will be happy to answer questions about studying a creative subject at a UK university … and probably gossip a bit about his dad, our tutor Tom Phillips!

Sam Blakemore Phillips, special guest at Sofia Writing Challenge
Sam Blakemore Phillips, special guest at Sofia Writing Challenge

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