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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

OK, so you already know we'll hold a creative writing course on short stories in English, starting from the end of January. And you know your tutor will be UK writer Tom Phillips.

What you certainly don't know, however, is that during Sofia Writing Challenge’s ten-week writing course we’ll be inviting special guests to come along and share their experience with you! And we’re delighted to announce that our first guest will be UK author Nicolas Ridley!

About Nicolas Ridley

Our special guest has a great deal of experience as both a writer and a publisher. He's lived and worked in Tokyo, Casablanca, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Paris and now lives in London and Bath.

Nicolas Ridley's published a wide range of work, including short stories, travel writing, memoir and stage and screen scripts. His stories have been published in anthologies and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic and presented at literary events throughout the UK.

For example, he's the featured author in the current issue of the literary journal Burningword. You can read his short story ‘Virtually Identical’ and his non-fiction piece ‘Unarmed Combat’ on the journal’s website.

He's also written a number of plays, which have been performed in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Australia. He's recently published Six Of One, a collection of short comedies for the stage.

Nicolas Ridley is probably best-known, however, for Godfrey’s Ghost – a biographical memoir of his father Arnold.

As our guest, Nicolas will read some of his work, talk about writing, share his advice and, of course, respond to any questions that you may have!

Like father, like son

Dad's Army
Arnold Ridley, on the right, portraying the elderly Private Godfrey in the British sitcom Dad's Army (1968–1977).

Nicolas Ridley's father, Arnold Ridley was a writer, too, and had enormous success with his play The Ghost Train, which had a lengthy sold-out run in London’s West End in the late 1920s, has been revived in theatres across the UK ever since and has been adapted for the big screen several times.

And if you’re wondering why Nicolas’s memoir is called Godfrey’s Ghost – Arnold went on to become one of Britain’s most popular comic actors as Private Godfrey in the long-running BBC comedy series Dad’s Army.

In 2004, Dad's Army was voted 4th in the Britain's Best Sitcom poll by BBC. It had also been ranked 13th in the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes list by the British Film Institute in 2000. The series even has its own museum - Dad's Army Museum!

Here's a particularly poignant moment from a Dad's Army episode which centres on Godfrey’s past.

And one more thing. Arnold Ridley is the great-uncle of the actress who plays Rey in the recent Star Wars films, Daisy Ridley, which makes her and Nicolas Ridley cousins!

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars
Daisy Ridley, grandniece of Arnold Ridley and cousin of Nicolas Ridley, playing the lead role of Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

So do your homework and prepare your questions. You can learn a lot from a person like Nicolas Ridley!

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