It all started with a cup of coffee

We met for a casual coffee one afternoon in November 2018 at Peroto in NDK. There, an idea popped up, just like that.


"Hey, how about doing creative writing classes in English?"

We all got so excited.

On December 11, 2018, we announced the first edition of Sofia Writing Challenge. Short Story Edition. A memory of a lifetime...

Meet the team

Tihomir Ivanov.jpg

Tihomir Ivanov


Svetoslava Koynova.jpg

Svetoslava Koynova


Tom Phillips.jpg

Tom Phillips

Main Tutor

Our main tutor


Tom Phillips is a British writer, playwright, journalist, editor, and university lecturer. He holds a PhD in creative writing from the University of Reading.

Tom has taught creative writing at various places and occasions, including the University of Reading, Bath Spa University and Bristol Folk House.

He has been published in many magazines, anthologies and pamphlets. He's also published four books of poetry:


  • Unknown Translations (2016)

  • Recreation Ground (2012)

  • Reversing into the Cold War (2007)

  • Burning Omaha (2003)


Tom’s also the author of a number of theater plays, of which Coastal Defences (Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol, 2014) and 100 Miles North of Timbuktu (Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol, 2013) have enjoyed the greatest theatrical success.