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A poem in the tradition of blues

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(Sidenote: Blues poems are usually structured around a statement made in the first line, a variation is given in the second line, and an ironic alternative is declared in the third line.)


Today we won’t hear the truth about yesterday

Yesterday we didn’t know there will be a today

But tomorrow sees another hope, another feeding hand waiting to be bitten


Last night I woke up way too many times

Too many times I didn’t know there will be a tomorrow

Last night I woke up, my hand wasn’t hurting but there was a mark


Nice use of the form – and not one a great deal of people choose to use these days for some reason. Maybe because it ‘looks’ simple, but actually it’s difficult to get right and still sound ‘natural’. Yours is pretty spot-on, I think – and there’s a cool irony in the ‘hand’ image.

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