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Way more than creative writing courses

Sofia Writing Challenge is mainly a series of creative writing editions in English.

We want to work with the most motivated and talented writers out there, so

every edition has three phases:

Application Phase

Course + Microadventure

Graduation Phase + Graduation Event

We also do workshops, special microadventures and other literary events.

Vasil Shkutov

Everything was great. You were very kind to us and took great care of us throughout the course.

Desislava Georgieva

It was a great experience for me. I got to learn a ton of new things and meet some awesome people.

Stanislav Totkov

It was awesome. I learned a lot about writing in general and applied it in and out of my job.

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A contemporary private language & culture center where everyone, from little children to adults, really actually learn English through a variety of programs and approaches.


Tom Phillips is a writer and a guest lecturer at various British and Balkan universities. He’s been published in many magazines, anthologies and pamphlets and has published four books of poetry.

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